The TN visa provides a legal, paid work oppportunity to Mexicans (and Canadians) to enter the USA, and to deepen their knowledge and experience on dairies. The initial  employment time on the dairy farms is up to three years, but it can be extended without limit.  This is a work program, for people with the appropriate level of education.

The TN visa is only valid for the countries within the NAFTA agreement: the USA, Canada and Mexico. This visa offers a way for American farmers to contract qualified technical employees from Mexio or Canada. Those who come should speak at least basic English; there are more opportunities on dairy farms for those who speak English more fluidly.

Global Cow helps the American dairy farmer find a qualified Mexican candidate, and prepares all the documents for the TN visa, working with a lawyer who is specialized  in immigration, and with specific experience in the TN visa.


    • Complete a form which describes the dairy farm, the position that needs to be filled; include three references. Be willing to have a visit from Global Cow. Work with Global Cow to create a job description.
    • Follow safe management practices; use modern dairy farm facilities and techniques.
    • Give proof of general liability insurance.
    • Commit to picking up the employee at the airport closest to the farm.
    • Give the TN visa holder a good chance for success in his work, and treat him well during his time of employment on the dairy.


    • Whenever you want; there are no specific entry dates.
    • The normal time needed to find a placement is between two and four weeks.
    • The normal time needed for processing documentation for the visa is about three weeks.
    • The normal time needed for processing the visa is about two weeks in Mexico.

    The Mexican citizens with a work offer from one of the positions listed in TLCAN are candidates for the TN visa.
    the profession is recognized in the TLCAN, and

    • the candidate meets the specified qualifications for the profession, and
    • the prospective position requires someone in this profesional capacity, and
    • the candidate will work for an employer in the USA

    The “Carta de Pasante” or “Diploma” are not considered “Degrees” for the terms of NAFTA; only the professional title is considered valid under NAFTA for this processing. The title must comply with the requirements under SEP. If all of these conditions are met, then the TN visa will be issued.


    • Global Cow fees $4,500
    • Lawyer fees $1,500
    • US visa fee $160
    • Housing organized by the farm for the employee, which can be either discounted from the salary, or included
      Travel to the airport nearest the farm
    • Salary according to experience and job. Global Cow also urges dairies to increase salaries after 90 days, and at 6 months, provided employee is doing well.
    • Health insurance (US $100 monthly estimate)


    TN visa candidates pay US $200, which includes:

    • The initial interviews with the representatives in Mexico
    • The initial interview with Global Cow, to confirm interest, knowledge level, English level, type of work candidate wants to do
    • The work offer from a dairy in the USA
    • Help with visa documentation
    • Confirmation that the dairy will pick you up at the airport closest to the farm
    • Enrollment and administration of health insurance
    • Confirmation after arrival, and two additional check-ins during the first six months
    • Availability to help to resolve problems, via toll-free telephone or e-mail
    • Global Cow newsletters, sent by email
    • Options to attend additional Global Cow courses with discounts of 10%


    • Want to enter into the routine and the normal hours of the dairy farm environment.
    • Agree to use the safe practices utilized on the dairy.
    • Commit to be on this farm a minimum of one year, with intentions of staying through the initial three year period.
    • Have not commited any crimes.
    • Understand basic English in order to follow oral English instructions. (English is tested by Skype.)
    • Have a diploma at the bachelor level, or a license of four years from the university, in agriculture.
    • Be in good physical condition.
    • Complete all documents:
      • an application form
      • three reference letters
      • your title/diploma from the university (degree must be completed)
      • any additional licenses you hold
      • certificates from any other courses you’ve completed
      • certificates showing membership in any associations (such as breed associations, or other ag-related groups)
      • employer letters from Mexico; the employer must be related to agriculture


    • The candidates and the dairies send their completed applications to Global Cow.
    • The candidates call Global Cow, using Skype, to confirm their English level, their interest, knowledge and experience in specific areas.
    • Global Cow contacts the farm’s references, and confirms that they will be appropriate for the program. A visit to the farm may also be required.
    • After acceptance into the program, the dairies pay the initial fees; candidates pay their fees to the representative in Mexico.


    • Global Cow sends information on a specific candidate to the dairy; the dairy confirms its interest.
    • Global Cow sends information on that farm to the candidate and schedules an oral interview.
    • The farm has an interview with the candidate via Skype, with Global Cow also on the video call.


    • Global Cow and the dairy prepare the documentation, in conjunction with the laywer, and send it to the candidate.
    • The candidate marks his interview at the US Embassy, and maintains Global Cow informed of the dates of the visa interview, and his results. Global Cow will communicate the same information to the dairy.


    The candidate travels to the airport closest to the dairy. Global Cow informs the farm of the flight information, and the dairy meets the new employee at the airport, to take him to the farm.


    What level of English is necessary?

    There is no specific test to pass. However, the better a candidate speaks, the more opportunities there are.

    How much practical experience will the candidate have?

    To enter with the TN visa, the person must have an actual degree in agriculture, and practical experience on a dairy.  The dairies will recieve and review all the candidate’s information, before accepting any one, specific person.

    Where are the farms?

    While we happily work with anyone in the USA, the majority of the farms tend to be in the Midwest (states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, South Dakota).

    What is the best part of this?

    It is a legal way of working in the USA. For the employer, this can assist find qualified employees who want to work with dairy cattle, for a minimum of six months, but could be renewed indefinitely. For the employees, it’s a great way to gain experience in a good dairy.

    What support is there?

    It is a work program, and Global Cow expects that the employers and the employees deal with each other directly to resolve any issues that arise. However, during the first six months, Global Cow is available by toll-free telephone, and email, to help with any questions.