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Short-Term Program

1-6 months in the USA on a tourist visa
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  • Enjoy teaching about modern American agriculture.
  • Introduce American culture.
  • Provide proof of general farm liability insurance.
  • Commit to a few months of training and good communication.
  • Complete an application form, including three references.
  • Agree to a farm visit.


  • Speak at least some English.
  • Commit to one farm for time here.
  • Possess no criminal record. 
  • Be in good physical condition. 
  • Complete an application. 
Peruvian tractor driver


  • Applicants and farms complete applications and documentation.
  • Global Cow reviews and confirms interest and suitability for the program.
  • Participants complete web-camera English tests
  • Upon acceptance, international candidates pay initial fees.
  • Global Cow posts applicants on the website.
  • Farms review and choose a specific applicant.
  • Global Cow prepares all the sends program confirmation letters to the visitor.
  • Applicants make their visa appointments, keeping  Global Cow informed of visa date and visa results.
  • Visitors book travel to closest airport, where they are met by hosts.


  • How good must visitor’s English be? Visitors speak English, and pass an oral test by webcam.
  • When can I start? Any time. Processing time is between 2-4 weeks to find a farm, plus visa approval in-country.
  • Do visitors have a lot of farm background and educational background in agriculture? Visitors’ backgrounds will vary; most have limited work experience and limited dairy experience. Farms see full visitor application before accepting a specific person.
  • Where do visitors come from? Mainly South America and Africa.
  • Where are the host farms located? Most are in the Upper Midwest.
  • Are all the farms dairy? Most are. On a limited basis, we may be able to assist with other types of agricultural experiences.
  • What’s the best thing about these programs? Great international experiences!
  • What’s the worst thing that can go wrong? Bad expectations. This program is for a young person who wants to learn about agriculture… and for a farmer who wants to share his enthusiasm about agriculture.
  • Can visitors change farms? Changes are not encouraged, and will cost extra.
  • Is there a certificate? Yes, Global Cow will provide a certificate of completion.
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