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Short-Term Program

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The Short Study Program matches interested internationals who want to learn about American farm practices with farms that enjoy teaching.  Visitors come with some basic knowledge of agriculture in general.  They are often ag students completing an internship. They want to learn, and they expect to have hands-on experience while here.

Visitors have basic English skills, with a desire to improve while here.  Hosts help visitors improve English through conversational English.

Hosts will give the visitors experience in all areas of the farm, with encouragement as the visitor tries and learns new skills. If desired, hosts will help visitors arrange other tourism opportunities in their area. Hosts also provide housing, food and health insurance (through the program), plus work boots (to avoid transferring disease).


Visitors pay $600, which includes:

  • Initial interviews and screening of visitors and hosts.
  • Matching of visitors and hosts.
  • Documentation to present at US Embassy, if needed.
  • Confirmation that host will pick up visitor at nearest airport.
  • Enrollment and administration of health insurance.
  • Check-ins upon arrival, at mid-point and end of visitor’s stay.
  • Availability to help resolve any problems, via toll-free telephone access or email.
  • Assistance in changing farms if there are serious problems that can’t be resolved. This is not a normal occurrence, and is only done in rare cases.
  • E-newsletter.
  • Certificate of completion at end of program.
  • Options to attend additional courses or ag tourism opportunities.
  • 10% discount on any Global Cow offering.
  • 50% discount on Global Cow fees for additional exchange opportunities in other countries.


  • Any time, with larger groups typically in the months of July & August.
  • Processing time is between 2-4 weeks to find a farm, plus visa approval in-country.
  • There is typically more availability in the months of June, July and August, but there are placements available throughout the year.
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  • Be willing to fit into a working farm’s environment and their schedule.
  • Agree to follow safety practices shown on the farm. Commit to having one farm for time of training (usually 2-3 months).
  • Commit to honest, open communication with all involved in the program.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Be conversant in English and understand oral instructions. (English is tested via Skype web cam.)
  • Be a current agriculture student or recent agriculture graduate, or else have experience in agriculture at home.
  • Be between 20 and 30 years of age, in good physical condition.
  • Complete an application form, including three letters of reference.


  • Visitors and farms send completed application package to Global Cow.
  • Visitor calls Global Cow through Skype to test English and confirm interests.
  • Global Cow contacts host references, and confirms hosts’ suitability. A farm visit may also be required.
  • Upon acceptance, visitors pay US$600 to Global Cow.


  • Global Cow confirms with a farm their interest in hosting a specific visitor.
  • Host and visitor talk about specific expectations for the visit.


  • Global Cow sends program confirmation letters to the visitor.
  • Visitors make their visa appointments, keeping Global Cow informed of visa date and visa results.


  • Visitors book travel to closest transportation hub. Global Cow informs hosts of arrival times. Hosts pick up visitors.