Do you have some things that you’ve done the same way, year after year? 

I know I do. And it’s not that I am lazy, or that I don’t want to do something different. 

It’s more that it is established.  Expected.  Comfortable. Easy. 

I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing to repeat something.  At the same time, I suppose familiarity is not the best reason to continue to do it either.

2020’s numerous cancellations offer some opportunities in this regard.  Is it an automatic “yes” that everything should continue as before (assuming it is possible to do it the same way)?  Or is it a chance to delve into at least some events with a new set of eyes?

Today I participated in one of those re-imagining conversations.  This one has a long history, with huge economic value and a stellar reputation. There is nothing “bad” going on, nothing that absolutely needs to be changed.

Still, the organizers see this as a unique moment.  “Since it didn’t happen in 2020,” the staff said, “we thought we should look at, maybe refocus it for 2021–and the years beyond.  Maybe there is a way to make something good even better.”

Silver lining, yet again.