pax 2019

PAX Students Available

Just a few of the hundreds of students available

ITALY.  Aurora Giovanna, female, 17,  12th grade, full year. 

Likes volleyball, swimming, reading, listening to pop music and journalism.  Love natures (favorite colors are green and yellow–“like the sun”), and enjoys watching the sunrise.   “I love my life, and I am really happy to be who I am.”

JAPAN.  Karin, female, 17, 11th grade, full year. 

She’s looking forward to school clubs  and playing sports.  She  enjoys tennis, camping, cooking and softball.  “In America, I want to improve my English.  I also want to join a softball team and win the game with teammates.”

MEXICO.  Victoria, female, 16, 11th grade, full year. 

Enjoys swimming, biking, dancing; also likes reading, drawing and taking photos. Really likes animals–especially rabbits.  “Besides improving my English, I want to learn what life is like in the US, its history, what it is like to be a student there.”

GERMANY.  Lara, female, 15, 10th grade, fall semester only.  

Enjoys tennis, swimming, watching TV/videos, listening to music, and pets (has two guinea pigs).  Likes to be creative in her free time, and friends and family are both important to her.  “My passion is that I love meetin gnew people and exploring something I haven’t seen before.”  

KUWAIT.  Abdullah, male, 15, 10th grade, full year.  

Likes reading, writing, robotics and basketball.  Would like to study medicine, has traveled to Europe.  “The USA is a country that I’ve always loved, and unfortunately, I’ve only seen it in the movies.  It’s a country so different from mine, so I want to discover it!”  

NIGERIA.  Maimunat, female, 16, 11th grade, full year. 

She likes reading, math club, computer programming and skipping rope.  “I like sharing ideas, discussing, talking and reading with my friends.  I want to learn about American traditions and cultures–and I hope to share my own cultures, traditions and customs, too.”  

SPAIN.  Blanca, female, 16, 12th grade, full year.  

Asked to be placed in the Northeast. Enjoys basketball, paddle tennis, snowboarding, movies, travel, fishing, jewelry, fashion design, directing, running and riddles.  Has lived in Ireland for nine months when she was 12, but doesn’t feel she “made the most of it”.   Loves pets and younger kids–“you learn a lot of things with them”.  She is looking forward to “learning the American habits and the country’s lifestyle.”  

NETHERLANDS.  Len, 16, 11th grade, full year. 

Loves soccer, listening to pop music, video games and TV. “I want to go on an exchange year to the US because I think I will meet lots of new people there, and will have lots of amazing experiences.  I’ve always been intrigued by the American lifestyle and that’s why I want to experience it myself.”  

THAILAND.  Rawin, male, 17, 12th grade.  

Interested in badminton, painting/drawing, art, animation, Thai music.  He has a lot of interest in art and photography, and would love to be a cameraman or designer.  He is looking forward to being involved with clubs and volunteer groups.  “I promise that I will do everything as I do to my friends and my family to make everyone I meet happy.”  

PHILLIPINES.  Alshameer, 16, male, 11th grade, full year.  

Interested in student council, math and science clubs.  Really loves reading but hopes to try camping and spending the night “in the wilderness, which would be a very new experience for me!”  He is looking forward to spending the year in America.  “This will be a great chance for me to understand and learn a new culture, and share my simple and humble culture with my new American family and friends.”

ARGENTINA.  Luisina, 16, 11th grade, fall semester only.  

Interested in fitness, cooking, dancing, painting/drawing, acting and woodworking.  Allergic to cats.  Would love to experience cheerleading in the USA, and art and drama.  “I am a passionate person who tries hard to achieve what i want.”  

KYRGYSTAN.  Bilmyrza, male, 15, 10th grade, full year.  

Likes volunteering, reading, school clubs, soccer and guitar.  He would like to try American football and baseball.  “If people knew each other well there wouldn’t be wars or such kind of bad things. ” 

This is just a small sampling of the nearly 1000 students the PAX program places every year.   

We can search the database for a student who is interested in a specific sport or hobby… is from a specific country… is a specific age… 

Give us a call–or start the application process!