pax 2019

PAX Students Available

Just a few of the hundreds of students available

BELGIUM.  Alexandre, male, 18,  12th grade (graduated at home), full year. 

Has played grass hockey for 11 years, and is captain and “loves it a lot”.  He hopes to try typical US sports–like football, ice hockey and baseball.  “And I really like sneakers!”  

Loves hanging with his friends, hopes to have a pet in his family while here, enjoys listening to music. 

GERMANY.  Leslie, female, 16, 11th grade, full year.   


Loves everything music:  she sings, dances, plays the piano and guitar, and does musical theater.  Also very excited about drawing and painting.

Her family also has a house pig (!)–which she loves to talk about!

She’s not sure what she wants to do for a career yet, but she knows this:  “I want to make others happy and help them be the best version of themselves.”

POLAND.  Matylda, female, 16, 11th grade, full year. 


Speaks Polish and German (and English).  Only child, and lives with her parents and their dog.  She likes yoga, volunteering, reading and environmental issues.

“I’m thinking of playing American sports, such as baseball.  I also find running a great discipline and if only there is a chance to try, I go for it!”

ITALY.  Giorgia, female, 17, 12th grade, full year.  

Extremely fluent English scores; allergic to cats (long- and short-haired).  From a “really small village”, where she lives with her parents, sister and dog.  Likes dance and would also enjoy cheerleading, she thinks.  Mostly, she says, “I want to have this experience because I’d like to see the world from a different perspective.” 

GERMANY.  Luka, male, 16, 11th grade. 

Loves sports, especially tennis, but hoping to try new sports while in the USA. 

His family is currently renovating a 200-year-old house together, in a small village.  

His father is Croatian, and he spends summer on an island in that country, fishing and waterskiing.  He speaks English, German and Croatian.  

SPAIN.  Leire, female, 16, 11th grade, full year. 

Enjoys sports (handball, tennis, surfing, basketball) and drawing and painting, a hobby she took up again during COVID. 

“I think one of the adjectives that best describes me would be tenacious, because when I have a goal, I don’t spare efforts to achieve it.” 

FRANCE.  Ilona, female, 16, 12th grade, full year.

Twin sister will be doing a year of exchange in Australia.  Has cats at home, and has traveled extensively–including spending two months in London as an au pair.  Also speaks Spanish, and has hosted Spanish exchange students in their home.

She likes to dance, go to fitness classes, swim and cross country ski.   “I’m sure we’ll have a good adventure together!” 

MEXICO.  Maria Fernanda, female, 15, 11th grade, full year. 


Enjoys fitness activities, snowboarding, baking, acting and painting.  She also loves traveling, and has gone abroad with her own family and with her classmates.

“I would love to have sisters and live in a beautiful place, where we can enjoy snowing days during winter.”  (Sound like a match for New England!)

SPAIN.  Ariana, female, 16, 11th grade, full year. 

LOVES basketball and has been playing since she was 8.  Also likes other sports, going to the beach, hanging with her friends and family. 

“I think that this experience gives me the possibility to know a different culture and its customs.”  

This is just a small sampling of the nearly 1000 students the PAX program places every year.   

We can search the database for a student who is interested in a specific sport or hobby… is from a specific country… is a specific age… 

Give us a call–or start the application process!