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PAX Students Available

Just a few of the hundreds of students available

ITALY.  Alessia, female,  12th grade, full year. 

Alessia is from northern Italy, and enjoys a wide range of things.  Her favorite subject is art history, and she attends an art high school.  She is “fascinated” by animals, enjoys reading, and has played the clarinet since she was 7.  Her favorite sport is kickboxing (which is not allowed while she is in the USA as an exchange student).  “I give a lot of importance to family and friends, and I love spending time with them joking and playing.”

GERMANY.  Valentin male, 11th grade, full year.   

Valentin loves to work out, run and play soccer.  He also swims, skis, ice skates, scuba dives, hikes and dances.  He plays the piano (and listens to rap), and he is very interested in politics.  Valentin has done one exchange program into Spain, to practice his Spanish.  His father Dad was an exchange student himself, and their family is currently hosting an Argentine.  He has specified New Hampshire as one of his state preferences.

FRANCE.  Lisa, female, 11th grade, full year. 

Lisa loves children and animals—and notes that she would be very happy if a family wanted to host two exchange students, too.  She is looking forward to seeing American football, going to prom, visiting a drive-in movie theater.  She enjoys volleyball, biking, swimming, reading, cooking, drawing and guitar playing.  

GEORGIA.  Giorgi, male, 11th grade, full year. 

Giorgi loves playing sports, “especially soccer or basketball—although I might not be very good at it, I find it fun.”  He also loves pets, but “I never got to get one since my parents always refused.  I am neither a dog person or a cat person; I love both equally.”  He is interested in computer science, math, physics; he even builds computers by himself. “Hearing other people’s thoughts and views about different things, especially those who live in another country, is considered very fun to me.”  He is excited about his year in the USA!

GERMANY.  Lena, female, 11th grade.

Lena is excited about coming to the USA, although she’ll miss her German Shepherd, Jacky, who “is my whole heart.”  Her family has Russian and Kazahstan roots, and she speaks Russian at home. She enjoys swimming, and has been teaching little kids how to swim as well.  “I’m really good with children, so I would really like to have host siblings.”  She also enjoys cooking and hopes to make German—or Russian—food for her host family. 

KOREA.  Sejum, male, 10th grade.

Sejum writes in his application that he has a “lot of interests” but that probably it’s most interesting for potential host families to know that his favorites are “playing basketball, cycling, soccer and bowling.  And I like drawing very much, too.”  He’s ready to watch NBA games in the USA.  “Michael Jordan is the most respected basketball player, so I’m going to buy JORDAN shoes when I go to America.  I know that there are a lot of shoes that don’t exist in Korea!”  When he was younger, he did triathlons.   He also likes animals.  His main goal for his year abroad?  “I want to be a person who can understand both Korean and American cultures.” 

GERMANY.  Tomke, female, 11th grade, full year.  

Tomke is an avid volleyball player; she also spends time at the gym and goes jogging.  She has been in a chamber ensemble and orchestra as a cello player.  She also plays the piano.  She enjoys discussing politics and current events.  She also obtained her wind surfing license and regularly bikes everywhere.   At home, she often bakes, sews or draws.  She hopes to take a gap year to travel around the world before studying at the university.  Tomke has selected the Northeast as a regional preference.

SPAIN.  Eduard, male, 1oth grade. 

Eduard says that physical education is his favorite subject “because I love sports.”  He enjoys soccer or a type of tennis.  He also enjoys video games and movies, hanging with friends and going to the beach.  ”This year in the USA, I would like to make some new friends, learn American traditions, do a lot of things, perfect my English and have a lot of fun.  I come with a very open mindset since I know it will be a life-changing experience that I have always dreamed of.”  He has selected Massachusetts as a state preference. 

GERMANY.  Milo, male, 11th grade. 

Milo enjoys swimming, cycling and climbing.  His parents love that he is open and happy to discuss passionately all life topics.  He is looking forward to all that he might experience and do while in the USA.  He has selected Massachusetts as one of his state preferences.

GERMANY.  Greta, female, 11th grade, full year. 

Greta enjoys spending time at the gym, reading, baking, dancing and art.  She also loves to meet friends—and spends a lot of time with her pets, often going on long walks with their family’s two dogs.   She likes to go for walks and be outside. She’s been dreaming of having an exchange year since she saw a Youtube video two years ago.  “I hope we can do many things together, even if it is sometimes small things, like going for a walk or going out for dinner.”  Greta regularly babysits at home.  She selected the Northeast as a regional preference.  

GERMANY.  Casper, male, 10th grade, full year. 

Casper is excited about skateboarding, soccer, tennis and dancing.  He also likes cooking—particularly baking, meeting with friends and listening to music.  He is very close to his family and is happy that all of them support his decision to spend a year abroad.  “I am incredibly curious (and a bit nervous) about meeting you and learning so many things about the USA and the life in an American family.”  He has selected Massachusetts as a state preference.

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SPAIN.  Martin, male, 11th grade, full year.

Martin is a true sports enthusiast!  He typically spends time each week playing basketball, going to the gym, doing kick boxing (which is not allowed while in the USA on the exchange program) and playing soccer.  He also enjoys drama and theater, and he says he likes “to analyze different computer programs to make works of art.”   He has spent some time with an Irish family, and is excited about coming to the USA. 

GERMANY.  Nina,  female, 11th grade, full year. 

Nina aspires to be a teacher in the future.  “I like kids and it’s fun to work with them and teach them.”  She’s enthused about all the school activities in the USA:  “If I could do all the activities, I would do all.  I am interested in all kinds of sports and other activities like visual or performing arts.  I completely love doing spots.”  She lists basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, ice skating, windsurfing, skiing and waterskiing.  For the last two and a half years, she’s combined her love of kids with her passion for sports—and has been coaching younger girls in soccer. 

GERMANY.  Eva,  female, 11th grade, full year. 

Eva would like to be either an elementary school teacher or a physiotherapist.  She says, “I like working with people and especially with children.”   She enjoys playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, skiing—and also watching sports, cooking and listening to music.   Her family or friends like to camp in the summer.  Her older sister had a great exchange year in 2014, and she traveled in the USA some at that time. 

FRANCE/SPAIN.  Naira, female, 11th grade, full year. 

Can’t decide if you want a Spanish student or a French one?  Here’s one who is a Spaniard—but who lives in France—and speaks Spanish, Basque, French and English!  Naira enjoys playing tennis and doing gymnastics. She also enjoys listening to music, dancing, sewing and running.  “During my exchange year, I would like to speak very fluent English, to learn how to be independent, to live a new experience different from Spain and to have the possibility to learn about and live in the American culture.”


BRAZIL.  Alexandre, male, 11th grade, full year. 

Alexandre loves his video games—and computers, including building them and working with them.  He also works with video production.  His father is a pilot, and he would like to follow in those footsteps.  For now, he uses simulators and model airplane flying.  He also likes to bike and go to the gym.  He is proud of his mother, who is a music teacher, singer and pianist.  He hopes to become extremely fluent while he is here.   

GERMANY.  Sarah,  female, 11th grade.

Sarah loves the theater atmosphere and has been in several performances.  She plays badminton and has been a ski racer.  She also likes swimming, biking, hiking—and meeting up with friends to eat ice cream and go shopping.  Her parents note that she still enjoys spending time with the family, too.  Sarah has noted Northeast as one of her regions.

This is just a small sampling of the nearly 1000 students the PAX program places every year.   They are listed in the database as of late April, although could be placed very soon!  

We can search the database for a student who is interested in a specific sport or hobby… is from a specific country… is a specific age… 

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