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Farm Visits at Expo

Afternoons during World Dairy Expo week:  exclusive farm visits and informative presentations.

Option to choose one, two or three afternoons! 


  • During World Dairy Expo week
  • Afternoons on Wednesday & Thursday 
  • 12.30 – 6 PM

In 2023: 

  • Wednesday, October 4
  • Thursday, October 5


  • $150 for one day
  • $275 for two days


  • Wednesday: FARM ONE:  500 cow dairy with cross breeding, rotational grazing and technology to their advantage.  FARM TWO:  1,500 cow dairy with strong management.
  • Thursday:  FARM ONE:  800 milking Jerseys with on-farm store.  FARM TWO:  2,100 milking Holsteins managed by brothers; 2,000 head of livestock and 5,500 acres.



  • Exclusive farm visits for only this group
  • Discussions with owner and key management personnel
  • Time to see the operation well
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Translation to Spanish


Two companies join together to bring you this course:  Global Cow and Global Dairy Outreach.  To contact us:

Jill Stahl Tyler, Global Cow;

(802) 254-2879; jill@globalcow.com

Karen Nielsen, Global Dairy Outreach

(608) 512-5040  karen@globaldairyoutreach.com


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Wednesday, October 4


Truttmann Dairy LLC is a 500 cow dairy located near the small town of New Glarus, Wisconsin.   Owners Dan & Shelly Truttmann are proud to continue a long family tradition that started in 1899; Dan is the fifth generation on the farm.

They milk mostly Jerseys and some Holsteins or cross breds.  They farm around 800 acres.

Dan focuses his herd on profitability, looking hard at each technology as it comes along.  He carefully considers what works for his farm–choosing for himself what he believes is best.  One of his investments was in an activity and rumination tracking program, for example.

“We plan to make the best use of technological advancements that are available.  We use technology to help take the best possible care of our animals and save on labor.”

Wednesday, October 4


Prairieland Dairy is owned by brothers Chuck and Mark Fahey and their father Jim and mother Cheryl.

They started out with 32 cows, increased to 200.  Jim says he thought the expansion was necessary because it increased the comfort for both the cows and the milkers.  Jim laughingly notes that he was not sure that they should grow again–but his wife had no hesitations.  “Your father gave you the opportunity to farm.  You’re going to do the same for our kids.”  Chuck and Mark are already looking forward as well, thinking of that next generation.

Today, they milk 1,500 cows in a double 24 herringbone parlor, with individual automatic take-offs, cross-ventilated barns.  Their cows produce about 92 lbs/cow/day on average.  They focus on cow comfort and harness technology as much as possible.


Thursday, October 5


Jazzy Jerseys is a family-owned dairy business milking about 900 cows and farming about 1,100 acres of land.

They have done careful succession planning and training on and off the farm in the past few years.  Father David is excited about son Mitchell and daughter Sydney joining the family business.  David helped his children prepare to come back home to the farm by insisting they work with other organizations first.

The experience has served the family team well.  Mitchell and Sydney are looking into diversification, considering additional cropping, agricultural tourism, and making dairy products.

They launched their first project in the summer of 2023.  They have officially opened on-farm store with beef, produce and local goods available.

Thursday, October 5


Blue Star Dairy started in 1946 by William and Dorothy Meinholz.  Today, it is a partnership between two third-generation brothers, Craig and Brian; their brother Dean is the herdsman.  (The fourth generation is about to join!)

The farm milks about 2,100 cows on two locations.  Average production is about 97 lbs per cow per day.  They raise 2,000 head of young stock annually, and farm 5,500 acres of land.

They credit their team for their successes, including their veterinarian and nutritionist–and especially their employees.  “We have a lot to be proud of, and our outstanding employees are definitely at the top of that list.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without their hard work and dedication,” says Dean Meinholz.