Grants & Book Work (Silver Lining 7-31-2020)


July 31, 2020

For all of us who own small businesses during a pandemic, there is a new business skill we’ve been honing recently.  Besides trying to figure out how to change and pivot and adapt and survive, we also need to be attentive to any possible grants or loans the government develops.

Between today and yesterday, I spent about five hours pulling together documentation, looking at numbers and filling out online forms.  It would be very helpful if it works out, and something comes through.

I admit—freely—that accounting falls into my procrastinate pile.  It’s not my thing.

But my silver lining for today is that I have been forced to be on top of my accounting.  In fact, I am not sure when I have ever been this caught up in book work.   This was not something I expected, but it’s definitely not a bad thing to “know your numbers”! 

Silver Linings…

started as my personal response to 2020’s global pandemic of COVID-19.  When I published them locally,  I was surprised by how much people responded to them.


I hope they bring some positivity to you, too, during this unsettling time

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