Allan, UGANDA 

Each candidate typically has an application, resume/CV, notes from Global Cow’s personal interview and any additional information submitted by the candidate.

On this page, you can:

  • Download a candidate’s documentation directly to your computer. Hit the “download” button, which you can see in the footer. (It is an arrow pointed down.)
  • Print the document from your own computer, so that you have a hard copy. You just have to download to your computer first. (If you do not know where downloads go, try your “download” folder. It’s a default folder that came set up in your computer.

Ready to go forward?

Once you’ve decided a specific candidate is a good fit for your business, fill out the form so we can move forward!  


Normal processing time 5-8 weeks.

After completing the farm information and talking with Global Cow, Global Cow will arrange an interview with the candidate and you.

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