Current candidates looking for placement

Overview information on each candidate

This page has the basic information on candidates currently available to come into the US dairies.  Farms can take candidates on:

  • J-1 visa (12 months, housing and pay);
  • tourist visa (experience only, no pay);
  •  TN employee (Mexican or Canadian only).

The FULL profiles include interview, reference letters, complete application, educational background and agricultural experience.


**There is a ONE-TIME charge of $150 to review complete documentation–on all candidates.**

J-1 Program (12 months)

This is a program for young, qualified people to come into the USA to “learn by doing,” specifically about modern agricultural practices.  The exchange visitor receives a maintenance allowance and has a specific training plan to complete.



  • Male
  • J-1 program, 12 months
  • Excellent English

Has about 7 years of experience from Uganda and from Israel, where he spent a year.  Very interested in all aspects of the dairy. 



  • Male
  • J-1 program, 12 months
  • Excellent English

Spent two years on a farm in Israel, where he fed, milked, helped with sanitation controls, assisted the vet, and drove tractors and machinery.  Has a diploma from a agricultural training center there as well.  In Tanzania, he also worked with the university farm, mainly with pigs.  



  • Male
  • J-1 program, 12 months
  • Excellent English

Has worked with a larger farm in Sri Lanka that imported 400 head from Australia.  Just finishing working on a 21,000 head herd in Saudi Arabia, where he has been milking and doing AI (over 1,500 inseminated). 



  • Male
  • J-1 program, 12 months
  • Excellent English

After a 1-year experience in the USA a couple of years ago, Sachin wants to come back to increase his understanding, particularly in mastitis control management, breeding and milking. 

Short-Term Program

This program is for those who want to come into the USA for a few months, and who will come in on the tourist visa.  Host farms provide housing, food, health insurance (arranged through Global Cow)–and training and learning opportunities.

TN Visa

The TN visa is for Mexican and Canadian citizens ONLY.  It allows for employment, typically on one to two year contracts.

EB3 Visa

This visa may take a year or two to process (or more, depending on the origin country).  However, the employee could stay in the USA indefinitely. 



  • Male
  • Hoping for permanent  dairy work in the USA
  • Excellent English
  • Excellent level of experience 

Andre has experience in agriculture in his home country in Brazil… a year on a large dairy in Florida and another year on a large dairy in Michigan… about 18 months in England, first with a dairy and then with a breeding facility.  

If you are interested in seeing complete information on a specific candidate(s), follow the link below to access a members-only section.  There is a one-time charge of $150 to review complete documentation in this member’s only section.