New Zealand INTERN


This information is provided for planning purposes only.  New Zealand exchange rates fluctuate; health insurance varies according to age; air fares change; payments from farms can be more; time worked might be more.

New Zealand taxes will be subtracted from these salary amounts. 

We remind all applicants that the main goal of going abroad should be to gain experience, not to earn money.  


Cost Timing TOTALS in US$

Initial intake evaluation

  • Discussion about goals, program choices
  • CV assistance, documentation review
  • Oral interview & oral English test
  • Confirmation with NZ program that they are interested in working with you
$0 when considering program $0
Global Cow fee $600 when starting process $600
NZ program fee



after farm is found, when accepting farm $855
Visa fees (paid to NZ Embassy; non-refundable) NZ$583.50 (US $400) within 1-2 weeks of accepting farm $400
Health insurance US $100/month montly by credit card, or paid in full before traveling $1,200
Flight  US$2,000 before traveling $2,500
TOTAL initial fees (prior to arrival) $5,555




Payment received in-country

     40 hs/week and 48 weeks

NZ$ 16.50/hr

(US$ 11.25/hr)

during time in NZ $21,600


estimated, deducted from salary


(US $135

during program



Food (estimated) $300/month during program -$3,600
At end of first year (before taxes are deducted), you could have a positive amount of: $10,843