cows in a field

New Zealand



This information is provided for planning purposes only.  New Zealand exchange rates fluctuate; health insurance varies according to age; air fares change; payments from farms can be more; time worked might be more.

New Zealand taxes will be subtracted from these salary amounts. 


Cost Timing TOTALS in US$

Initial intake evaluation

  • Discussion about goals, program choices
  • CV assistance, documentation review
  • Oral interview & oral English test
  • Confirmation with NZ program that they are interested in working with you
$0 when considering program $0
Global Cow fee $600 when starting process $600
NZ immigration assistance (including visa fees) 



after farm is found, when accepting farm $1,363
E-medicals, police clearance, passport photos Varies by country within 1-2 weeks of accepting farm $400
Health insurance US $100/month montly by credit card, or paid in full before traveling $1,200
Travel fund/money available to you upon arrival, for food and immediate expenses

NZ $500

(US $340)

before traveling $340
Flight to Auckland  US$2,000 (estimated) before traveling $2,000
Orientation in Auckland

NZ $200

(US $135)

before traveling $135
TOTAL initial fees (prior to arrival) $6,138




Payment received in-country

     50 hs/week and 48 weeks; 1st year only

*Housing typically provided on top of salary

NZ$ 16.50/hr

(US$ 11.25/hr)

during time in NZ


*minus taxes

Food (estimated) $300/month during program -$3,600
At end of first year (before taxes are deducted), you could have a positive amount of: $29,862