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Colombia Costs


This information is provided for planning purposes only. Exchange rates fluctuate; health insurance varies according to age; air fares change. We remind all applicants that the main goal of going abroad should be to gain experience, not to earn money.  


Cost Timing TOTALS in US$

Initial intake evaluation

  • Discussion about goals, program choices
  • CV assistance, documentation review
  • Oral interview & oral Spanish test to confirm level–fluency not required
  • Confirmation with Argentine program that they are interested in working with you and have room
$0 when considering program $0
Global Cow fee $600 when starting process $600

Colombia program fee, which includes:

  • Pick up from airport nearest farm
  • On-location assitance if necessary
  • Check-in and in-country support



after acceptance $500

Flight to and from Colombia


 US$1,000 before traveling $1,000
Housing and food provided during program $0
TOTAL $2,100