What People Are Saying

Christian, CAMEROON

“I am Christian, a former trainee from Cameroon, 2007-2008. I just want to thank you enormously for this wonderful program in which you are at the head, it goes across international barriers and am grateful for being part of this educative dairy farm training program.  I have been able to visit dairy farms in Netherlands (Holland) and Australia just because of the training I got from Global Cow. Honestly am what I am today thanks to Global Cow. Thanks, Jill, and may God bless you as you continue to pilot the Global Cow Program.”  Christian, CAMEROON

Venezuelans 2015

We could not have learned all that we learned without Global Cow.  This is the most important contact we made during our trip to World Dairy Expo.  Jill has been extraordinary, so helpful and so attentive.  Thank you for all that you have done for us!”   Venezuelan Cochran Program group October 2015

“Thank you so much for sending me to this farm. The family is great, and I have met my objective of coming into this program. I met a marvelous family, and I have shared much with them! I have improved my English. And I know a little more about the North American culture. Once more, thank you very much. There could not have been a better family for me for this month.   Esteban, ECUADOR

“Thank you for all. Really, everything has been wonderful throughout this program.”  Celia, PERU

Eu simplesmente amei ficar ai na fazenda de Wisconsin. 

I just loved being on the farm in Wisconsin.”  Ademilson, BRAZIL


I wanted to let you know that I have been very, very happy here in Ecuador. It is so beautiful and I love all of the people! My host is so hospitable and I am beyond comfortable in this awesome country! Thank you for suggesting that I come here. I couldn’t be happier!
Katelyn, USA

Just writing to you to tell you that everything is ok. I’m on a great farm! I’m also writing to you to ask you if you want to send me some posters information to post in my university, so I can tell more people in my country!!you for everything! Luis, ECUADOR


I can’t believe how fast this year went!  It was everything I dreamed about–and more!  Clara, SPAIN

Colombian group

Global Cow’s Colombian tour group said that what most impressed them was the passion people had for their work with dairy cows… the respect and love that was evident in the show ring and on the farms… and the spirit of openness in sharing what they had learned, in the hopes that someone else would have success as a dairyman, too. 

Particularly striking to everyone?  The involvement of families: on-farm help of young sons and daughters working alongside their parents and taking responsibilities at a young age… being in family partnerships… Future Farmers of America classes on the show grounds … collegiate judging contests… high schoolers skipping class to be in the barns, tending cattle… young people staying late at night for showmanship classes… moms and dads pushing babies in strollers through the trade show itself. 

Colombian dairy farmers, World Dairy Expo’s Extraordindairy Tour 2014

“I am very happy to be at this farm. The family is very nice.I am learning a lot.I like it a lot. Viridiana, MEXICO


have now come back from Colombia. Everything went well and it was an amazing experience. I saw and did a lot of things and the most important thing, I get convinced that I want to work with cows in future ?   Thank you very much!   Best regards…Annika, FINLAND

Jersey profile

“I am doing just what I expected to do; I knew what I was coming to—a family farm operation with great cows.  I’ve learned all that I wanted, and I continue to learn.  Thank you for matching me with such a great place!” Nico, COLOMBIA

Brown Swiss heads

“Estou contente aqui na fazenda; e uma pena que ja esteja acabando meu estagio.  Faltam apenas tres meses, mas foi bastante proveitoso profissionalmente.  Com relacao ao meu ingles, estou tendo uma pequena melhora e agora todas as noites estou escrevendo tambem.  Estou praticando a escrita e ja entendo quase tudo, mas nao falo quanto eu entendo.  Obrigado!”  

I am happy here on the farm; it’s too bad that my internship is already coming to an end.  There are only three months left, but it’s already been very advantageous professionally.  With relation to my English, I am seeing a small improvement and now at nights I am writing, too.  I am practicing the written English and I now understand almost everything, but I don’t speak as much as I understand.  THANK YOU!”  Juliano, BRAZIL

short course 2015

“Everything that happened during the International Dairy Short Course was great.  Jill & Karen are fantastic.  The professors were top-notch.  Wouldn’t change a thing!”   David, USA 

“I’ve used my knowledge in various places, like on the Council Farm and with the veterinarians and pastoral village.  I’ve advised them on food mixing ratios, milking controls, and detecting mastitis. Halloween was a fun holiday; it surprised me to see people wearing skeleton masks!  I also liked Thanksgiving.  I got various gifts from friends and neighbors. I enjoyed the hospitality of my host and snowmobiling. Also, there are life-controlling systems for the people of the USA, like punctuality, learning through practical experiences, expecting good behaviors and being honest.

To anyone who wants to travel abroad, make sure you know about the legal documentation, like visas and the weather conditions in the place you are expected to reach… and try to know the culture of people where you go, as well as the people who will host you.”

Samwel, TANZANIA, USA intern in Minnesota 2010-2011. He has since expanded his home farm to include chickens and hogs, along with his cow.

“Nuevamente te agradezco por esa oportunidad que me diste de poderme realizar profesionalmente en este hermoso pais.  De mi parte, te cuento que este ha sido un buen ano para mi, pues he alcanzado muchas metas.  Gracias!” 

Once again, I thank you for this opportunity that you have given me to be able to professionally expand my knowledge in this beautiful country.  From my part, I tell you that it has been a good year for me, and I have achieved my goals.  Thank you!”  Juan Carlos, COLOMBIA

colombian cow

“I am doing very well. It’s gotten much easier to understand everyone, and they are all very helpful and super nice. I’ve gotten to learn how to do so many things already, and they are set on me being an expert AI technician before I leave. I haven’t passed a rod yet, so I’m glad they still have some faith in me.

“My Spanish is definitely improving, it’s fun being a sort of human dictionary when they ask me to translate things. They’re also very good at explaining words I don’t know. It’s been exactly what I was hoping for, so I am perfectly content, and someone or other makes to sure to ask me if I am every day. Thanks for checking in on me!
Melissa, USA



“After being in the USA for a year, what impressed me about New Zealand was that it was so simple—low maintenance and very efficient.  I really found it interesting to see the grass management utilized there, and their breeding programs.

I’ve enjoyed all of my international experiences, and really recommend it to anyone.  Travel everywhere you can. Continue learning new things. There’s lots to do in agriculture!”  Rodrigo, GUATEMALA

Jucimar with Ryan

 “I was a trainee of this program from 2004 to 2005.  I want to tell you my feelings and especially thank you cordially for the opportunity the course gave me.

At the time, I had a good job and was a college student studying Business Administration, and I was always connected to the small farm of my parents.  Going to the U.S. was a very big challenge in my life, and I even spoke almost no English.   I locked up the college, I quit my job and I went to the Global Cow.

In this period, I learned a plethora of wonderful things related to dairy farms–while dealing with the longing for family, friends and especially the challenge of learning two languages​​: English and Spanish.

When I returned to Brazil, I had numerous job offers, because of English. But I was most interested in the work of administering a farm. Today, I completed the college of business administration. I’m 40% of law school completed and in progress. I am married, and I have a wonderful daughter.  I have six years administering the farm.  The farm consists of 20,000 acres planted with soybeans and corn. The production is 30,000 tons of grain annually and the production of livestock rearing, currently at 5,500 cattle.  I believe that without this opportunity, I would not have achieved all this. Thank you!”  Jucimar, BRAZIL

I’ve been in New Zealand for almost two years now. In Ecuador, we can say we have the same system as New Zealand because our feeding is based 80 -90% on grass, and the rest supplements. I’ve achieved so many things—not only personal but professional, too. 

I’m going to apply everything I can from all the experiences. I have learned about irrigation, pasture management, stock management, and many other things.  Here in New Zealand, it’s totally different from the American system, starting from the size of the animals all up to the way we feed them.”  Jose, ECUADOR 

Cows in field

“Hope you remember me from my internship with Global Cow during 2006-2007 in the July group, to go to my host farm in Michigan. 

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the opportunity you gave me. Now, after almost 10 years that I had this opportunity, I have been able to have a Master’s and Ph. D. degree in Beef Cattle Nutrition, and at this moment, working for a 1.3 million head processing feedlot in the Research and Development Department. 

Although I am not working in the dairy industry anymore, the experience that I was able to grab at my internship has been critical in order to advance in my career. After I went back to Honduras, I started to work at the University of Zamorano for one and a half years as cattle instructor; and after this period I left Honduras to get the master’s degree in Beef Cattle Nutrition, and then continued for the doctoral degree. Last year I finished my studies and came to work for SuKarne, a beef cattle producing company with headquarters in Culiacán; this company owns the feedlot, the feed plant, the slaughterhouse and the actual brand for merchandising. 

My experience in Michigan made me realize that to work in the cattle business (beef or dairy), it is required to have discipline to do your best every day. At the time, in the farm we only had three people working (my host, his nephew and me), so I was able to do different tasks, being able to learn so many different things, that now I realize that has been very useful for me. 

I wish you continue to give many young people interested in this business that in developing countries (like Honduras) are extremely scarce. Opportunities like this, could be the difference to improve the future of young people, if they know how to seize this advantage.”  Carlos, HONDURAS