Live & Work Abroad

Global Cow helps match young people travel, outside the USA, to find international agricultural training experiences. We continued helping people come here--and we have even had some folks find an international experience that didn't have anything to do with the USA (like the girl from Finland who traveled to Colombia, or the a young man from Uganda who wanted to visit Peru).

Global Cow has long focused on international exchange programs, mostly coming into the USA. Over 1500 young people have come to “learn by doing”, living on American dairy farms and gaining valuable international work experience in their career field. Connecting people outside our home country is the next logical step!

What's been the most fun for us is what we hear back. Our clients come home saying: “This changed my life" and “I see the world in a different way” and "I liked it so much I want to go to a second country now and do a similar thing."

With Global Cow, you have a lot of flexibility. Some programs require a foreign language; some don't; some offer language training at a additional cost. You can choose your time length, from only a few weeks to a full year. And you can be placed in agricultural programs outside of dairying--sheep, horses, beef cattle and more are available in some countries.

Last thought for you: let's talk about money.  If you are worried about the financial part, especially if you are already paying for college or college loans, you can still travel abroad!  Just consider staying longer.  If you can stay for at least six months, or, even better, a full year, there are several choices that have a salary.   You can have your international experience--and leave with some money in your pocket, too.  It's a great investment in your future!

Explore the options by country, listed below.  Or, contact us directly and talk about the type of experience you want.  Email us at ... or call us at (866) 267-2879 ... or fill out an application and send it in. 

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