PAX (Semester or Academic Year)

Trip to NYC on Friday, December 20th!

Join the exchange students and their families and friends on Friday, December 20, 2019--on a trip to New York City!

7.00      departure from Brattleboro Union High School (gymnasium entrance)
7.25      departure from Greenfield Staples parking lot
11.30     arrival into 34th Street in Manhattan
20.30     departure from 34th Street in Manhattan
23.00     arrival back to Amtrak station in New Haven, CT
00.30     arrival back to Greenfield, MA
01.00     arrival back to Brattleboro Union High School

$50 for the bus!
$35 for the One World Observatory (which the students will do at the beginning of the day)

Take the day to do whatever you'd like to do in downtown Manhattan! Leave the driving to the wonderful Travel Kuz professional, and enjoy the lights of the big city at this magical time of year!

Hosting an exchange student: it will change your life forever!


Great news!  Students are already available for the second semester of this year, arriving in January of 2020... and the first ones are starting to show up in the database for 2020-2021! 

The fun really is in choosing your own student, and you just have to be "fully vetted" in order to start seeing everyone in the database. Check out the list below for possible countries:

Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan...Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, China...Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Germany...India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan...Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait...Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro...Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland...Senegal, Serbia, Spain...Tanzania, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine...

Call Jill at (802) 254-2879 or email at for more information!


Students come into the USA right before school starts, and they leave at the end of their year (or semester). Right from the start, they get involved with friends from their classes. They typically jump into all the many opportunities--from sports to drama to music to community events. Most other high schools around the globe don't offer all these options!

For many families who take a student into their home for a full academic year, they say it was just "one more kid in the car and in the whole routine". For hosts who don't have children in the high school, they like that their student has a life going on all day. They get together at night and enjoy that special energy a teenager brings into their world.

Hosts provide housing, which can be a shared bedroom (as long as the student is within four years of the student's age). Hosts also provide three meals a day, and transportation for normal high school sports & clubs. The student brings their own spending money and health insurance.

Annually, this program places about 700 students--from around the globe--all throughout the United States.


The Brattleboro Union High School community has been very generous this year--we have 13 students! 

Students are available already for 2020-2021! If you are cleared in December on, you can host through June 2021! No time like now to start looking!

Contact Jill directly to talk about a specific type of student, and we can start looking for him/her!