New Zealand


Our partner in New Zealand is a company very much like ours, placing interested young people on farms for work experience there.They have worked with international exchange visitors for many years, and offer a work experience/cultural exchange training program for people aged 18-30 with experience in rural industries who are ready to broaden their horizons. Remember that you need to have experience and/or education in the field you'll work in.

For this program, we can only accept people from the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, Ukraine, USA, UK.

*English competency.
*Ages 18-30.
*Have a domestic driver's license for at least a year, international driver's permit.
*Experience in the field you apply for.
*Mature, flexible, open-minded, committed.
*Willing to work long hours during certain peak times.
*Agreed to stay on one site for the entire placement period.

TYPE OF PLACEMENTS OFFERED (depending on availability & experience):
Agriculture: dairy, pigs, field crops & machinery, sheep, mixed farming, agri-home.
Horticulture: fruit, landscaping, plant nursery, vegetables, cut flowers.
Animal agriculture: dairy; sheep; pigs; beef
Agri-home: working inside the home and outside on the farm.
Equine: breeding, yearling preparation, sport horse.
*Oenology/wine: cellar, vineyard.
*Other: other rural placements can sometimes be offered.

*Dairy placements start in July; available through the year.
*Other placements generally start in August, September or October (spring in New Zealand).
*Winery placements start in February or March.

*Placement length varies, and are arranged after acceptance into the program. Each placement timing depends on the farm's preferences.
*Longer stays (more than 6 months) are generally easier to find, especially if you are not a native speaker.

*Travel to the host placement site.
*Return ticket home, or onward ticket to another country.
*Personal expenses, and transportation in-country.
*Some food may be provided by the host.
*Health insurance ($100 per month).

We have also prepared a chart with more details on costs.

*NZ$15.25 per hour; may vary some by prior experience. (Taxes deducted from this hourly rate.)
*Housing may be provided by the host, with a deduction from wages.
*You are responsible for paying your own housing and food.

*Complete initial interest form and return to Global Cow.
*Have initial interview with Global Cow via phone or Skype.
*Upon acceptance, pay US$600 to Global Cow. (Repeat Global Cow participants pay only $450.)
*Placement process begins.
*Upon placement confirmation, pay NZ$1250 for New Zealand program fees directly to New Zealand program.
*Prepare to travel!

Plan on about three to four months from the time of contacting Global Cow until the time you would arrive in New Zealand.