Exchange Students

Change your family's life: host an exchange student for a few weeks, a semester or a year!

Academic Year/Semester (MANY COUNTRIES)

Hosting an academic year (or semester) student might fit into your lifestyle really well!

Students are busy all day!  They attend the local high school, and typically get involved in sports, arts music or drama.  They come in just before school starts, and leave just after the year ends.

And even though a semester or a year might initially seem like a long time, it just flies by!

See more info--including AVAILABLE STUDENTS!

Summer Students (SPAIN only)

The Spanish students are here for one main reason:  to be a part of a family for 3 1/2 weeks!  They want to learn about American life, to be a part of your family, and to practice their English.  They do whatever you are up to--along with a couple of excursions to Boston and Six Flags.

This is a great chance to host for just a short amount of time!

See more info--including AVAILABLE STUDENTS!

I Want Details! (summer or year-long)

Hosting someone in your home brings up a lot of questions!  We get it!

Check this section for general information, links to blog posts and FAQ's.  Hear what others have thought and some of the great experiences that they have had.

There is no such thing as a dumb question--especially when you are considering taking someone into your home! Ask anything us anything!