Here's what one exchange parent had to say about her family's summer adventure, which turned into a lifelong connection:

“Eight years ago, we hosted Koldo. This proved to be life-changing for our family. After only a few days of having him in our home, we realized what an extraordinary experience we were having. Since we were unable to live abroad for an extended period of time, having Koldo in our house was the next best thing.

Our conversations covered every topic imaginable. We enjoyed comparing life in Spain, versus life in the United States. Having him with us allowed for many of these conversations, giving our family a great understanding and respect for the Basque region of Spain. Koldo returned to us for three consecutive summers,” Bunker said, “followed by our son traveling to Spain to live with his family the following three summers. To top it off, my husband and I traveled to Bilbao, Spain, to meet Koldo’s family, and see this wonderful culture for ourselves. We highly recommend that, if you have the opportunity to host a student, you seize the chance. 

Debbie Bunker, Brattleboro, VT


A group of 20 Spanish teens will arrive on June 25, 2017, and stay through July 20th. Host families provide housing and food; they come with health insurance and spending money. Here's a schedule--the two trips they will really want to do are the organized bus trips to Six Flags and Boston. Host siblings can go to these places, too! All the other gatherings are optional, and there is no stress if you can't make it to them.

Wondering who is coming? Here's a brief look at some of them!

PAULA, 21, interested in tennis, music, dancing, photography, cooking.

NATALIA, 16, loves hanging out with friends and gymnastics--she's also studying Chinese!

MIRIAM, 17,is a swimmer and bicycler, who also loves animals and cooking.

JAVIER, 16, is from a small village and loves animals and sports (like American football).

IOSU, 16, likes soccer and martial arts, going to concerts--and the mountains.

JULIO, 16, likes walking the forest, running, playing with computer drones and TV.

JON, 17, likes all sorts of technology, video editing, recording and photography. This will be his second time participating in this program, and he's thrilled to be coming back to the USA!

JESUS, 16, says he is a bit shy, but is excited. He studies chamber music and band, and plays soccer.



Hosting a full academic year student might fit into your family's lifestyle really well! The students come just before the school year starts, and go to classes at the local high school throughout the year. They participate in all the activities any high school student does: sports, arts, community events. Then, they go home shortly after the school year closes. Host families provide housing and food; they come with health insurance and spending money.

If you are interested in hosting a student in the our area (Brattleboro and out a bit into Massachusetts, over into New Hampshire), call Jill to talk about who you might like to host! For Brattleboro Union High School, we have already selected ten students for 2017-2018 school year, five boys and five girls. They are:

  • Pablo, 16, SPAIN. Downhill skier, paddle tennis player—and avid soccer player. He’s excited about Christmas USA, and hopes have a technology business.
  • Luca, 16, ITALY. Bsketball, theater, soccer, American football, art and drama. He says “the most important thing in life is not having regrets because of decisions I’ve made.”
  • Kanrapa,16, THAILAND. She is especially excited making snowballs and snowmen. She likes running, badminton, swimming, art, cooking, music, painting, photography and the movies.
  • Dustin, 16, GERMANY. He loves his pets soccer and sports in general. He hopes to work as an engineer in car development in the future.
  • Marie, 17, FRANCE. She loves cooking, weightlifting, swimming, dance and drawing. She says she might be a bit shy at first, but she’s very excited to be coming to the USA and living out her dream.
  • Mateus, 17, BRAZIL. Loves asketball, maritial arts, weightlifting, movies, chess, computers, acting, reading, board games and music. He is taking electronics classes, and attends a school that emphasizes technology. He would love a musical family!
  • Sitong, 16, CHINA. She requested New England! Hobbies are tennis, swimming, reading, religious activities, music, jogging and movies. She’s been to boarding school in Singapore since seventh grade, where all classes are taught in English.
  • Clara, 15, SPAIN. Loves swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse, paddle. Is a Scout, too. She's looking forward to making great new friends!
  • Kohki, 17, JAPAN. Loves all ages in his close-knit family. Enjoys being around small children, too. He likes swimming, martial arts, camping, watching sports, animation and music.
  • Chiarra, 16, ITALY. Is one "happy camper" in life, and while out camping, also is an avid dancer and reader. She enjoys music, art, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics.