End of August - middle of June

Hosting a full academic year exchange student might fit into your family's lifestyle really well! The students come just before the school year starts, and go to classes at the local high school throughout the year. They participate in all the activities any high school student does: sports, arts, community events. Then, they go home shortly after the school year closes. Host families provide housing and food; they come with health insurance and spending money.

Here are sample students who are still looking for homes for 2018-2019! Click on the student's name to see a "dear host family" letter and some basic information.  (After you are cleared to host, you'll see more information, and many photos!)  


Leanne, GERMANY. Female, 16, 11th grade. Likes drama club, track and field (especially running), reading, listening to rock music, and weightlifting. She hopes to “meet people who inspire me” while she is here in the USA. Allergic to horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice. (Maybe a great match for someone involved with theater?)
Chiara, ITALY.  Female, 16, 12th grade. Likes swimming, cross country skiing, cycling, cooking, playing musical instruments, computers, debate, design, film and video. Is excited about coming here, and notes that she “smiles for every little thing.” Also loves Latin American music—and cooking and baking. (I can imagine lots of happy times in the kitchen with music blaring!)
Panwad, THAILAND.  Female. 16, 11th grade. Plays dulcimer and guitar. Loves pets and animals (would love to have more contact with animals while here!). Enjoys photography, art, graphic design, architecture, fashion, design. Also spends time at a gym and enjoys sports like swimming, basketball, table tennis and skateboarding. (So many interests--she'll find so many things to do here in the USA!)
Manolo, MEXICO. 16, 11th grade. Music is really important to him, and he plays the bass, sometimes playing covers or his own music with a rock band he has created. (He loves Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.) He also likes reading. But truly, he’s very active, spending time playing volleyball or working out at a gym. He also hopes to be involved in the band while he is here. (Can you imagine him playing with a band here, too?)
Jannik, GERMANY. Male, 16, 11th grade. Interested in bicycling, swimming, ultimate frisbee, computers, crafts, tech crew, stagecraft, film and video, woodworking, skiing, snowboarding, being a DJ. He works with sounds and lights for theater at home, and loves sports. Summer has him with badminton, swimming, mountain biking, racing and ultimate frisbee; winter finds him skiing and snowboarding with his GoPro. He helps with the garden and has rabbits, plus enjoys woodworking and handyman work. (Sounds like someone who will fit well into New England!)
Yixuan “David”, CHINA. Male, 17, 12thgrade. Likes bamboo flute (is the top flute player in his school), music theory (rewrites music and adds in melodies), band, jogging/long distance running (and competes in this), cycling (once did a 4-day trip of 10 hours a day), badminton, traveling, listening to pop music and student council. (This young man loves to take on a challenge!)



Spanish teenagers end of June to mid-July

A group of Spanish teens arrives the end of June each summer, staying for three and a half weeks in southern Vermont, western Massachusetts and western New Hampshire.  

Host families provide housing and food.  The students come with health insurance and spending money--and enthusiasm!  Their goal is to be immersed in our culture and the English language, and they happily join in all your family's activities.  

The program plans three trips (Six Flags, Boston and the mall) that all the students usually attend--and host families and friends can also join in! Transportation is provided on motor coach for these days.  Other fun gatherings--like a welcome picnic, going to the drive-in movies in Northfield, Massachusetts or swimming at Spofford Lake--are all optional. 

If you are interested in hosting, please let us know!   It's never too early to get on the list! 



Last year, my family was not going to host.  It was just going to be something that I organized, and my family was going to participate occasionally in some of the events.  But, we ended up hosting when another family couldn't do it very close to the deadline. 

I'd honestly say that hosting Jon, our "Spanish-son-for-the-summer", was easily one of the highlights.  Why? 

I loved watching all three of my kids reach out and purposely be welcoming.  One invited Jon to go fishing, another asked him to go for a walk with the dogs.  Another would seek him out for card games on a lazy summer's afternoon.  Our family remembered how much fun some of those "boring things" really are--like the simple joys of eating lunch overlooking the river or roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  Seeing our area through Jon's eyes made us realize how wonderful an area we live in.  Encouraging my children to utilize their school-learned Spanish language skills in a real way meant that now they are thinking about how useful this could be in life.  

Each family's experience is unique and no one is completely perfect.  (I would have preferred to never visit hospitals with Jon!)   But I am sure that if you can host, you, too, will be amazed at what the experience will mean for you and your family! 

Jill Stahl Tyler, Brattleboro, VT  


Eight years ago, we hosted Koldo.  This proved to be life-changing for our family.  After only a few days of having him in our home, we realized what an extraordinary experience we were having.  Since we were unable to live abroad for an extended period of time, having Koldo in our house was the next best thing. 

Our conversations covered every topic imaginable.  We enjoyed comparing life in Spain to lie in the United States.  Having him with us allowed for many of these conversations, giving our family a great understanding and respect for the Basque region of Spain. 

Koldo returned to us for three consecutive summers, followed by our son traveling to Spain to live with his family the following three summers.  To top it off, my husband and I traveled to Bilbao, Spain, to meet Koldo's family, and see this wonderful culture for ourselves.  We highly recommend that, if you have the opportunity to host a student, you seize the chance. 

Debbie Bunker, Brattleboro, VT 


You can host if you are a family with children--or without.  You can host if you're a single mom or dad, too!

If you need to travel, there are host families who will take your student temporarily!

If things do not work out, and you've tried to work through it unsuccessfully, we will find another placement for the student. Life is too short for hosts & students to be unhappy!