This opportunity is from a wonderful farm in Ecuador. It is owned by a family who truly believes in the value of international experiences, and has enjoyed their own travels and hosting immensely. They own farms in both Ecuador and Peru. They also greatly enjoy good dairy cattle, and utilize the best practices from various countries. The farm regularly sees visitors that are looking for new technologies in their region.

SOME ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The farm is about 18 kms outside of Quito, the main city of Ecuador. Visitors have their own bedroom and bathroom. Water at the farm is excellent (spring water).Ecuador in general is very safe. The town where the farm is is less than 500 people; Quito is only 1.5 million people. The farm also has horses, which visitors can ride if they wish. This is a rotational grazing farm, with lower productivity but also lower feed and labor costs--and higher profitability.

*Some ag background is best; basic knowledge of agriculture definitely necessary.
*Enthusiasm for a new culture and new experiences.
*Basic Spanish. The more Spanish you speak, the more you’ll enjoy the experience!

Dairy, milking 112 cows in a flat-barn milking parlor. The dairy is located near Quito, and is at high altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. Dairy is pasture-based, with cattle coming in for treatments and milking. There is another farm related to this for heifer raising.

ENTRANCES:Arrivals arranged to accommodate both host and visitor.

LENGTH: 3-6 months, can occasaionlly be shorter if the candidate has sufficient experience.

*Travel to the host placement site.
*All personal expenses, and transportation.
*Health insurance ($70-$90 per month for different coverage options and different ages).

*Pick up and return to the international airport.
*Learn Spanish, provided you have a basic knowledge when you come in.
*Gain experience about local culture and farming practices.
*$200 per month stipend.

*Complete an initial interest form and return to Global Cow.
*Have initial interview with Global Cow via phone or Skype.
*Upon acceptance, pay $600 to Global Cow. (Repeat Global Cow participants pay only $450.)
*Placement process begins.
*Prepare to travel!