Irish Smiles

Sometimes, it seems it is better if I go into things with few expectations. On our way home from Spain this past August, we had a “bonus” trip. It turns out that the cheapest and easiest flight option in and out of Spain was not

Fantastic Family Fall Fun

Friday night, we were all together in our kitchen. Son number one was home from college; his girlfriend happily joins our family often when he is here, too. Son number two was here, hosting his group of friends at our house that night. They were due to arrive shortly. Our daughter was busy making plans Read More …

The Fabric of Our Lives

It is near nightly scene here at our house. We try to always have family supper together. Oh, we don’t succeed, of course. There are sports practices, meetings and work schedules. But it seems very important to stick to this routine as much as we possibly can. I find it is often one of the Read More …

Reflections from Spain

They are four abreast as they walk along the sidewalk in Barcelona. My two sons flank their Spanish sister, my daughter leaning slightly forward and into the conversation from the end. I can’t hear their exact words, just the tones of their voices mixing together. They tease and cajole. They push and playfully jostle, and Read More …

End of Summer

END OF SUMMER It’s 11 PM. I was planning on going to bed, and I will. Soon. But for right now, I am living in the moment and enjoying the noises that rise up to my home-based office from the packed basement below. At least ten kids are smashed down there

The LAX Hurrah

The LAX Hurrah We have scheduled all of our summer activities around this event for the past three years. Summer camps. Family drives to the Midwest. Visits with friends. Even work responsibilities. All have been juggled and carefully coordinated so that this all-important pilgrimage can be accomplished. Every family has their “thing”, that activity that Read More …

Ag Act details and comparisons

Ag Act details and comparisons–immigration reform in agriculture continues to try to move forward! Interested in the details in the Ag Act? Here they are, compliments of the American Dairy Coalition: Comparison Ag Act Document SAFA Specific Ag Provisions Ag Act Changes to SAFA