High School: The Same or Different?

High School:  The Same or Different? The exchange students are not all that happy that I have asked them to participate. They are quite nervous actually, as they stand near each other in a small clump. The Americans pile into the room, taking seats behind their international counterparts. They are clearly at much more at Read More …

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Mother’s Day, International Style

Mother’s Day, International Style Mother’s Day this year started with a hug from my Brazilian “son-for-a-semester”. His smile–and his arms–were wide with joy at being able to greet me in person on this special day. He remembers all of these types of holidays. The second “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting I received was from my Spanish Read More …

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Eleven Days

Eleven days. The first eleven days in the month of March. That’s all it took to see some pretty spectacular stuff out of our schools. We started on Friday night, March 1st. It was senior night for the varsity boys’ basketball game.

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Class Choices

  I am cleaning up the kitchen after family suppers, and our Spanish daughter-for-the-year is sitting at the counter. Her Chrome book is out, and her head phones are off her head. My mind is mulling over mundane, random thoughts, like wondering if I should be “really” cleaning the counter with soap, or if the Read More …

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Parent Lesson #1385

I have a confession to make. I suppose it’s not a surprise to anyone, and I imagine that many–or even all–parents can make this same confession. I worry about my children’s grades. Sometimes, too, I worry that their school achievements are a reflection directly back on me, as their mother. Of course, I tell them Read More …

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Irish Smiles

Sometimes, it seems it is better if I go into things with few expectations. On our way home from Spain this past August, we had a “bonus” trip. It turns out that the cheapest and easiest flight option in and out of Spain was not out of Boston, as I had assumed it would be. Read More …

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Fantastic Family Fall Fun

Friday night, we were all together in our kitchen. Son number one was home from college; his girlfriend happily joins our family often when he is here, too. Son number two was here, hosting his group of friends at our house that night. They were due to arrive shortly. Our daughter was busy making plans Read More …

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