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Exchange Extras

Exchange Extras has all the posts related to happenings with exchange students! 

  • Exchange students’ thoughts 
  • Host family perspectives

Other blog topics include:

  • SILVER LININGS.  Jill started writing this column daily, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is looking at how life changes under our new rules–and finding at least one thing positive, every day, in the upheaval.   It’s been very well received by those who have been following it.  As one reader says, “Reading your column of ‘silver linings’ has become one of my ‘silver linings’!  Thank you for writing this!”‘
  • DAIRY DREAMING.  This one covers international ag experiences, dairy worker possible legislation in the USA, visas, things dairy producers might find interesting and dairy experiences. 
  • EDUCATION MATTERS.  This more traditional column looks at family life, with a particular emphasis on how education shapes us all.
  • BEAUTY OF THE DAY.  Since 2015, Jill has searched for something beautiful every day, and then posted it to social media.  (Follow Global Cow on Instagram to see them–or subscribe to receive them daily.)

The Brazilian Weatherman

The Brazilian Weatherman

He is outside in shorts and flip flops, his normal house attire. But he’s added on a scarf and a fleece jacket, even a hat, before he’s charged outside. “Look!” he cries triumphantly. “Look at this! It’s SNOWING!!” His enthusiasm is so complete and his joy so evident...

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