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Welcome to the Global Cow blogs, written by Jill Stahl Tyler.  She writes often, and is published in her local paper in Vermont.  There are several categories:

Silver Linings


This is a daily response to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding at least one thing positive to come out of it.   One comment I’ve heard: “Reading your column of ‘silver linings’ has become one of my ‘silver linings’!  Thank you for writing this!”‘

Jill and Jersey


 These are directly about dairy, and ways to experience ag internationally.  Dairy  Dreaming also brings any updates on possible new immigration statuses, or any other legislation or any other dairy information that dairy producers will find interesting.



This more traditional column looks at family life, with a particular emphasis on how education shapes us all. Often, it includes a special look into the high school exchange students’ fun while in the USA.  It is published mostly bi-monthly in the local paper.

family with exchange students


This is a special look into the high school exchange students’ fun while in the USA.  It includes a lot of heartfelt moments sure to make you pause!

VT beauty of the day


Since 2015, I have searched for something beautiful every day, and then posted it to social media.  (Follow Global Cow on Instagram to see them–or subscribe to receive them daily.)

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Samples of all blogs (by most current dates).

Grants & Book Work (Silver Lining 7-31-2020)

Grants & Book Work (Silver Lining 7-31-2020)

For all of us who own small businesses during a pandemic, there is a new business skill we’ve been honing recently.  Besides trying to figure out how to change and pivot and adapt and survive, we also need to be attentive to any possible grants or loans the...

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Dawn Comes to a Weary World (July 29, 2020)

Dawn Comes to a Weary World (July 29, 2020)

There is a surreal quality to much of life throughout these past seven months.  Sometimes I feel I am fully present and engaged.  Other days, it’s like everything is in a fog.  I am slogging through it, not knowing where I am going, if what I am doing...

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