We have three partners in Australia, all of whom specialize in opportunities in agriculture for young people up to age 35.

In general, there are very specific countries they can work with for trainees. Employees can be from a wider variety of countries, and must have at least a year of actual work experience--in an agriculturally developed country.

Everyone must speak English... have a driver's license... have actual work experience and/or a college degree in agriculture.

*English competency.
*Age 18-35.
*Have a domestic driver's license for at least a year, international driver's permit.
*Experience in the field you apply for.
*Degree in agriculture.

Agriculture: broad-acre dry land crops (wheat, barley, canola, lupins, oats or peas); some irrigated cropping
Horticulture: nursery, cut flowers, fruit orchard, vegetables, tropical fruit
Animal agriculture: dairy; sheep; pigs; beef
Agri-home: working inside the home and outside on the farm.
Equine: breeding studs and station placements.
Apiary: queen bee and honey production.

We work with several different programs, mostly in dairy.

It takes at least four to six months to process all the papers. It is best to plan for more time, and to be ready in advance.

3-48 months. If you are in the country for less than 183 days (about 6 months), you pay a tax on your wages at 32.5%. If you are in the country for more than 183 days, you pay a lower tax rate of only 19%. Different programs have different requirements and different opportunities.

We've prepared another page, with some charts with expenses and times they are due. While it is costly to arrive into Australia, you will come out ahead for your year's experience. Again, we remind you that our philosophy is that the EXPERIENCE should be your main objective... not money.  

Each program is different, but the overall benefits are the opportunities to travel and earn something while you are abroad. Global Cow strongly urges everyone to look at these types of programs as wonderful training experiences, and a way to see the world while learning more about agriculture.

*Complete initial interest form and return to Global Cow.
*Have initial interview with Global Cow via phone or Skype.
*Upon acceptance, pay Global Cow program fees, and often, initial fees to the Australia partner program.
*Placement process begins.
*Upon placement confirmation, pay visa fees and the balance of Australian program fees directly to Australian program. These vary according to program you will be using.
*Prepare to travel!