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Hosting Trainees/Interns: Three Options

Which is the right way for you?
  • Basic English
  • 1-6 months
  • Tourist visa
  • Housing, food, health insurance provided
  • No pay

These are typically students–or professionals–who want to learn, and have a specific interest.  Often they have a set number of hours they need to complete in order to receive credit at their university.

They are not here for very long (typically around three months).  You provide housing, food and health insurance–plus, of course, the training in the area that they want. 

  • English required
  • 12 months
  • J-1 visa
  • Hourly pay 
  • Housing, health insurance deducted 

J-1 visa folks come in for a full year, and must leave at the end of their year.  The intent of the visa is to learn–and then apply what they learn back home. 

Often they, too, have a specific area of interest. 

Many hosts find them to be valued members of their team by the end of the year. 

Host farms provide housing, food, health insurance, trainin–and an hourly pay.  

  • Basic English
  • 1-3 years
  • TN visa–ONLY for Mexico/Canada
  • Salary
  • Housing, health insurance deducted

TN visa participants are excited about using what they have learned at home.  They like the idea of working in the USA; they appreciate becoming valued members of your team.  

Employers who work with Global Cow pay an hourly salary.  Health insurance (for at least year one) is also deducted from their salary.  Housing (also deducted) needs to be arranged for the employee, and listed as a part of their compensation package.