Good news about possible immigration reform in Washington DC–for dairy farmers specifically!

Good news about possible immigration reform in Washington DC–for dairy farmers specifically!
I know many have been concerned about the availability of a solid, reliable work force for your dairy, and have wondered about immigration reform. It’s a situation I’ve talked about with many of you, many times.
Because of this, I wanted to let you that today, right now, there is movement in Washington, DC, to pass the Ag Act.  (This is the legislation that the news media have covered while talking about DACA, and the construction of a border wall between the USA and Mexico.)  Also in this act, however, is something directly related to your labor force on your dairy: the creation of a workable guest worker program that includes a new visa category for year-round agriculture—like dairy.
This legislation (read it for yourself below–although changes are being made to it right now)– and chance for needed immigration reform is at a critical point. Many believe that this historic opportunity will not come about again.
It is perhaps not the perfect solution… but it is the best we’ve seen and has a viable shot at moving forward. The Chairman’s office has agreed to new language modifications, and the American Dairy Coalition continues to work closely with many dairy groups across the country to make additional improvements.  (See details from the Chairman’s website, too.)
If you are in favor of this legislation, please contact your senators and representatives to let them know you need this legislation to pass!
If you have specific concerns and would like to pass that along to those currently working with the last-minute possible changes to this legislation, reach out to the American Dairy Coalition.
Here’s the Ag Act itself–remember changes are being made right now.  

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