A look back at 2017!

2017 was a great year at Global Cow!  Check out scenes from:

El Grande, our trip to Houston’s Rodeo with a group of Colombian beef producers.

Making More From Milk, a course on expanding your income from your dairy farm, given in English and Spanish.

Creating Cheese with Cesar, learning to make cheese in small-group setting.

Opciones de la Leche, a trip exploring value-added dairy and agricultural tourism.

STEP program, which brought 19 Spanish students into southwestern Vermont.

Guatemalan Fun… a trip Jill took to Guatemala with two of her kids in August.

New Zealand Ag… a work opportunity in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Guatemalans and Meat Processing, where a small group investigated mobile meat processing units.

The International Dairy Short Course, with 80 registrants from many countries–given in Spanish & English.

Expo Viaje, a group of dairy enthusiasts traveling to World Dairy Expo and visiting farms.

World Dairy Expo, where we meet up with so many friends just once a year!

Brazilian Cochran Program, with an in-depth look at utilizing cutting edge genetic techniques like

USA Short Term Program, which brings foreigners in for a short time to learn about specific agricultural topics on farms.

PAX academic year program in the Brattleboro, VT area, which matches high school students with American families.


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